Human life is the most valuable thing on earth. It is so important yet unfortunately so fragile that a mans life I sometime depends on the details. This is well known to those that work or just spent time at the sea. The sea as beautiful as it may be, can prove to be very dangerous to someone that doesn't take the necessary precautions. That is exactly why the presence of a lifeguard is needed at every water related activity.

The presence of a lifeguard alone though is not enough to secure our safety. Because our life in case of danger may depend on the details the proper training of the lifeguard is essential. Our training center has experience of many years in lifeguard training as well as in lifeguard coverage of sport or other water related activities. The lifeguards that have undergone our training are employed in beaches all over Greece and Cyprus and not only in the Chania prefecture.

Our instructors have long experience and thus it is natural that we are always there when needed. A strong example of our willingness to help is the rescue of a young university student that got self injured by his speargun while he was diving to fish. His injury was sever as the spear went through from under the jaw to the top of his skull. But thanks to our rescuers and their exceptional training the boy was safely delivered to the hands of the neurosurgeons at the local hospital where he managed to survive without any significant damage.

The following clip is a report of a TV channel covering the incident. Unfortunately the video is in Greek: